Thursday, June 23, 2011

2012: Doomsday (2008) / Countdown: Armageddon (2009) / Mega Fault (2009)

Movie: 1/5
Video: 2/5
Audio: 3/5
Extras: 0/5
Overall: 1.5/5

A Laughly Horrible Triple Feature From The Asylum.

*Reposting due to miscalculation of Overall Score*

This triple feature by The Asylum, distributed by Echo Bridge, contains three films on two BD25 discs with the first disc containing 2012: Doomsday and Countdown: Armageddon with the second disc containing the third and final film Mega Fault.

2012: Doomsday
Movie: 1/5
Video: 2.5/5
Audio: 3/5

The Asylum goes religious! The created the sub-studio Faith Films to cater to the religious themed films, hence we have the film about the biblical rapture mixed with the Mayan culture in this horrible "so bad, it's good" film. This film feels like it's about four years too late for The Asylum to cash in on Roland Emmerich's "The Day After Tomorrow". The film takes place in Mexico where a young woman helps a village and in LA where a paramedic has a spiritual awareness. After a man dies in the street, the paramedic's mother goes on a religious rant about the final days. Then all of the sudden people start vanishing due to the rapture. It gets confusing and hilarious at the same time by the acting. People can't deliver lines to save their lives in this disaster-piece. 1/5.

The video is really average. Presented in 1.78:1, there's a good amount of grain but at times it looks like there's been DNR applied to scenes. It's really an odd transfer. The video scores a 2.5/5. The only audio track is an English Dolby Digital 2.0 track. It sounds ok but at times comes across a little weak. The audio scores 3/5.

Countdown: Armageddon aka Countdown: Jerusalem
Movie: .5/5
Video: 2.5/5
Audio: 3/5

Another one of The Asylum's Faith Films productions. This movie drove me to tears. This movie is so boring it's not even funny. The movie is another biblical rapture mumbojumbo where a woman's daughter has vanished or "raptured" in LA. She is then looking for her husband who she believes kidnapped their daughter and has taken her to Israel. Then once in Israel, all hell breaks loose with local politics and the country becomes a war zone. The woman is racing against time to find her daughter. This movie has one of the worst endings that I have ever seen. It tries to be artistic but you know what happened it and it's pointless that they've tacked on that ending. It's sloppy.

The video presentation is another average to poor presentation like "2012: Doomsday". Presented in 1.78:1, the video scores a 2.5/5. The audio is only an English Dolby Digital 2.0 track, scores a 3/5.

Movie: 2/5
Video: 1.5/5
Audio: 3/5

One of Brittany Murphy's last features was "Megafault", in this film you can tell she has lost a lot of weight and it's sad to see her go. The film is ok, it kept me more interested than the other two films in the set. In it, a giant earthquake triggers a global catastrophe. Best movie in the set, but not saying much.

The video is really poor. 1.5/5 because some scenes look okay and then others just look downright horrible. Especially in the opening of the film and it's just like, there's big aliases around Brittany. The audio is good, again like the other two Dolby Digital 2.0 - 3/5.

Movie: 1+.5+2 = 3.5/3 = 1.25 which I'll round down to 1/5.
Video: 2.5+2.5+1.5 = 6.5/3 = 2.17 which I'll round to 2/5.
Audio: 3+3+3= 9/3 = 3/5
Extras: 0/5
Overall: 1+2+3+0= 6/4 = 1.5/5.

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