Monday, October 17, 2011

Transmorphers: Fall of Man (2009)

Movie: 0.5/5
Video: 3/5
Audio: 2.5/5
Extras: 0.5/5
Overall: 1.5/5

Makes the First Film Look Like a Masterpiece. I Am Serious.

Wow, where to begin. The first film is infamously bad because of how it was a cash in of Michael Bay's "Transformers". This time around, we have a prequel to the Leigh Scott film and they shouldn't have even bothered. This one is up there in comparison to The Asylum's "Countdown: Armageddon" and I was not too thrilled with that one. Seriously, some of this was so laugh out loud bad it was sad. You got a woman running around like a prostitute from the 1970's with this bright freakin' pink get up and hooker boots. Shots that are stock footage from previous Asylum films like "War of the Worlds 2" and some of this footage was re-used in the 2011 Mockbuster "Battle of Los Angeles".

I usually get a kick out of watching films from The Asylum because some of them are so bad it's good. This one is not that kind of Asylum flick that I like. I really dug "I Am Omega" and "Transmorphers" to name a few. I honestly cannot recommend this one at all to anyone. Avoid it like that plague because it makes the first film look like a masterpiece. I am serious. .5/5.

The video is the same because The Asylum shoots all their stuff with the same average looking camera that surely has gone through hell and back. There was a shot of Bruce Boxleitner that had some severe pixelating and interlacing problems which was noticeable for that two seconds. Video scores a 3/5.

Audio is 5.1 and 2.0. Echo Bridge gave us better audio presentations when they were releasing Asylum titles back in 2010. Audio is just average, 2.5/5. Extra features are lame in this release; a making of, bloopers, and two deleted scenes. Whoopty-doo, they aren't worth the time to watch. Extras score a dismal .5/5.

Overall, this is a bad Asylum title. If you want to watch a decent one; check out "Haunting of Winchester House" or "I Am Omega" or even "Transmorphers". Just avoid this one because it's not worth the time. Overall, I give "Transmorphers: Fall of Man" a 1.5/5.

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